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Long time since last post…but here’s some exciting news!

AIRO-29 Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Kuus kuppia kahvia ja yks kokis CD/LP is in pressing plant and will be released early december. It’s a compilation of songs so far with 2 new songs. Gatefold LP also contains A1 size poster.

AIRO-30 Pää Kii – Pää Kii LP is almost ready for pressing. It’s a co-release with Stupido Records (they do the CD version) and hopefully release date is early december.

AIRO-31 Maakuntaradio – Ei voi palata eiliseen LP/CD is almost done and due to release early next year.

AIRO-32 6.12 is the independence day and we are going to celebrate it by recording full lenght of Jukka Kiesi and his band.  Release date in  february 2013.

There’s also 7″s coming from Moderni Elämä, Kyre & Duunarit and so on … so, stay tuned!



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  1. tupender sanoo:

    nonni.kriisi ! Yritin tulla tänne lempilevy-yhtiöni sivuille, mutta google/atk/humala vei minut tänne : http://www.airinpizza.fi/

    olen kovin hämmentynyt ja tuli nälkä !


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