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We are concentrating in AP-fest vol. 3 that is taking place next weekend. But we have some new releases this spring. 

Kaupungin Valot is a new signing  and they were introduced to us by other bands in our label. Nice, cause we fell in love with this young band. If you like old Finnish 77-82 punkrock with romantic touch, you know what to do…

J. Kiesi Grandes LP/CD and Katujen Äänet 7″ are out next weekend in AP-fest. Don’t miss those records. J. Kiesi reminds us of  Eppu Normaali’s great days and Katujen Äänet has the same type of sound as Kaupungin Valot. Perfect!

Death Laser/Pää Kii split 7″ is finally on it’s way. Both bands are great and Pää Kii became a huge  success over night and we are really proud of them. Don’t miss this record, it’s gonna be sold out. It’s a co-release with Blast of Silence Records.


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