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Jukka Kiesi Grandes

Jukka Kiesi plays in Kyre & Duunarit. Raw punkrock all the way but on the other side there is a big Finnish schlager heart. He started as a Man, acoustic guitar and little stories about sea, alcohol and society. Perfect! Now he got together with 2 friends and they became Jukka Kiesi Grandes.




Kyre & Duunarit

Kyre & Duunarit is a band from eastern Finland but most of the band now lives in Helsinki. There’s still eastern attitude and 4 chords. Just the way we love it!






When boy meets a girl and falls in love, then the breaking up thing, drinks to forget etc…it’s all there is to say about Maakuntaradio. Stories about girls, boys and big emotions. Punkpop with organs it is.





Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

They want respect. They wanna play gigs, not just hang around at home. Isn’t that fair enough? Their side of split 7″ with kakka-hätä 77 proves that they will get what they want. And they deserve it! Helsinki based PKN plays old school punkrock with bigger attitude than most of us. Songs about being outsider and different but still proud of yourself. Now after selling thousands of records, touring Europe and States, they still stick here with us. That’s punk for you!




Katujen Äänet

Romantic new wave from Vantaa, Finland. They are young and pretty, not like us. What else you need? Oh, good songs. And yes, they got them.





Pää Kii


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