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Some new shit

Hi,   We are concentrating in AP-fest vol. 3 that is taking place next weekend. But we have some new releases this spring.  Kaupungin Valot is a new signing  and they were introduced to us by other bands in our label. Nice, cause we fell in love with this young band. If you like old Finnish 77-82 […]

Upcoming releases

Long time since last post…but here’s some exciting news! AIRO-29 Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Kuus kuppia kahvia ja yks kokis CD/LP is in pressing plant and will be released early december. It’s a compilation of songs so far with 2 new songs. Gatefold LP also contains A1 size poster. AIRO-30 Pää Kii – Pää Kii […]

AIRO-23 and AIRO-24 announced!

We are busy and broke but who cares! There’s new tunes ready. AIRO-23 will be co-release with Svart Records and Blast of Silence Records…the almighty M.O.T.O. visited Turku this winter and there was plan of doing 7″ EP during that time. Surprisingly Paul Caporino made bunch of songs and it’s gonna be full lenght LP […]

Delay in AIRO-20, AIRO-21 and AIRO-22 announced

Test pressings of AIRO-20 were shitty so we are waiting for the new ones and hopefully the record is out late April. AIRO-21 will be Teemu Bergman’s new band PÄÄ KII – Inkkarit kanootissa 7″ EP. AIRO-22 will be split 7″ between Teemu’s and Mirko’s (both former KH77 members) bands PÄÄ KII and MAAKUNTARADIO.